Water scarcity footprint (ISO 14046) and AWARE

Water scarcity footprint (ISO 14046) and AWARE

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Pre-Conference Workshop: Water scarcity footprint (ISO 14046) and AWARE (2 CEUs) 

Anne-Marie Boulay, LIRIDE (Sherbrooke University) and CIRAIG (Polytechnique Montreal)

October 2, 2017, 10:30AM-Noon at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

Workshop Description: AWARE is the new recommended and consensus-based methodology from the Life Cycle Initiative for water scarcity footprint, or water use impact assessment. It has been developed by WULCA in a 2 year consensus building process and was approved in 2016.

This session will cover the basis of the ISO standard on Water Footprint (ISO 14046) and then focus on the application, understanding and interpretation of the AWARE method for the assessment of a water scarcity footprint, using different case studies. The different aspects of the methods will be covered, including temporal and spatial resolution, "agri", "non-agri" and "unknown" types, and the meaning of the units.