When GREET.NET is the Right Tool

When GREET.NET is the Right Tool

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Pre-Conference Workshop: When GREET.NET is the Right Tool (2 CEUs)

John Beath and Amgad Elgowainy

September 26, 2016, 10:30AM - Noon at the Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, SC.

Workshop Description: Carbon footprint software is available in an increasingly wide assortment of price ranges, capabilities, and effort required to use successfully. This workshop will provide an overview of the key features that differentiate various common products, and in doing so it will suggest where GREET.net, the carbon footprint tool developed by Argonne National Laboratory, might be an appropriate choice. In order to further inform potential users, the workshop will provide a walk-through of the model construction process using GREET.net, and will also present several case studies. Unlike other software products offered without cost, the GREET.net model is available free of charge and it also comes with all the GREET1 fuel pathway and GREET2 vehicle component footprint data installed and accessible. As such, it is possible to model many processes “out of the box” without procuring or locating data elsewhere.