LCA & Strategic Planning

LCA & Strategic Planning

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Pre-Conference Workshop: LCA and Strategic Planning (4 CEUs) 

Dr. Suzana Gueiros Teixeira

September 26, 2016, 1PM-4PM at the Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, SC

Workshop Description: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has already become such a powerful tool that can highlight the pathways to stakeholders determine what are the improvements needed towards a more sustainable product, service and (or) process. Nevertheless, in despite of its empowering role on environmental issues regarding decision making -- which is already in course as a strategy among the top proactive enterprises - there is still a lack of its application in a worldwide scale when considering political scenarios and decision-makers regarding both local and global conflicts. For such reason, the course aims to enhance the Life Cycle Assessment and the Life Cycle Thinking approach into a governmental framework for policy and decision makers. The Course will be divided into 3 modules: 

I. Overall approach of Strategic Planning and how LCA can be addressed 

II. Example of application 

III. Group exercise and discussion